My Quebec Trip – Day 4

Our last full day in Quebec! I was pretty sad when I woke up and realized this; it felt like we had just arrived the day before. We wanted to make the most of the last day, so we did a ton of stuff to commemorate it. I also took a lot of photos and videos – so many that my phone ran out of charge, and I couldn’t take pictures for a few hours! I’ll see what I can do about that, since other people surely have photos as well.


  • Visiting the Montréal Observatory. It’s an olympic stadium used in the 1976 Summer Olympics. With not much more use for it, they turned it into a sports center and a museum, showcasing a lot of the actual things from the 1976 Olympics, while also remaining functional, with pools, basketball courts, and other things – all open to the public! It also holds the Guinness World Record for the largest manmade leaning tower.
  • After the tour of the stadium, we had a choice of what we wanted to do. We could go watch the soccer game with Mr. Petit, or we could go to the nearby wildlife observatory with Annie. For me, the choice was obvious! We went to the Montréal biodome and had an amazing time.
  • While roaming the city, we stumbled upon a really nice street performer. He was fluent in English and French, and he was very funny and interactive. He did magic as well as comedy.




Mike’s, an Italian-style restaurant chain that’s pretty common in Quebec.


A regular country breakfast. Scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, pineapple, watermelon, and a slice of toast.



No lunch today! Me and Travis skipped it because we weren’t hungry.



I can’t quite recall the name of the restaurant right now; my phone had died and I could only charge it once I got inside! I’ll add it here when I remember it.


I ordered a nice baked lasagna, and as you can see I left some butter on the side of it to melt.


My favorite part of the day

Seeing the Olympic Stadium. At first I thought I wouldn’t like it, but as it turns out, it was very interesting! It was cool and informative, and I got some good information and souvenirs.


My Quebec Trip – Day 3

Apr. 14, 2017

Day 3 now – halfway through the entire trip! It really didn’t seem like it had been that long; it felt like we had just gotten there the day before, really. Time really does fly when you’re having a good time.


  • Visiting the Wendake Indian Reservation! It was very interesting and authentic, one of my favorite things I did during the entire trip
  • Going to the mall again. Travis and I got lost, but I did taste some really good gelato!
  • Us all having dinner together. Not so much the food, but rather all of us coming together and talking.
  • Travis was sick, so I comforted him. I felt really sad and I was happy to help him


Breakfast served at the hotel.


An omelette, some bacon, and a Chick-fil-A sandwich from the beginning of the trip that I microwaved.


Chicken fingers and fries from St. Hubert, a fast food restaurant at a restaurant stop we went to.



Au Vieux Duluth. I got cheese tortellini with tomato sauce.

My favorite part of the day:

Seeing the Indian Reservation! I never even knew that there were American Indians in Canada until then. I learned a lot of information, got some cool souvenirs, and even met one of the people living there–he was our tour guide!

My Quebec Trip – Day 2

Apr. 13, 2017

Day 2 now! This is the day where I finally started getting used to the daily routine and life as a tourist in Quebec, and I really got deep into the culture and history. We spent a lot of time learning about the history and origin of Quebec city, and I learned a lot of stuff that I thought I never would’ve learned!


  • Going to the mall and trying poutine for the first time!
  • Seeing and walking over a large, beautiful waterfall – Montmorency Falls, if I remember correctly
  • Visiting the Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Basilica. I’m not at all Catholic, but it was still beautiful to me
  • Visiting Sugar Shack at the end of the day, and having dinner there. It was basically a maple syrup museum! I learned a lot and had a great time.


Generic hotel continental breakfast


Sausages, scrambled eggs and a waffle. nothing special, really.


The food court at the shopping mall we went to. I can’t recall the name, unfortunately.


I got a small poutine (yay!), and a medium McDonald’s drink cup filled with McDonald’s fries that he didn’t want.


The Cabane À Sucre – also known as the Sugar Shack!


A nice, buffet-style dinner! I ate several things, including Canadian bacon, potatoes, and pork rinds.

My Quebec Trip – Day 1

Apr. 11 & Apr. 12, 2017

My first day in Quebec! I really enjoyed everything that went on, and got my first taste of the city. Me and my brother Travis prepare and get ready for the trip that awaits us, and at midnight on the 12th of April, we depart, and take the 10+ hour bus drive to Quebec City.


  • Arriving in Quebec for the first time!
  • Meeting our bus driver for the trip, John. He was super nice and friendly and went around with us, even off the bus.
  • Meeting our tour guide, Annie. She lives in Quebec and knows the ins and outs of the city, and was very excited to show us around.
  • Several walks around the city. We viewed historic landmarks and learned about the city’s history, as well as some beautiful architecture!

(Click on the photos to view the whole thing)


A McDonald’s near the U.S/Canada border


I ordered a sausage egg and cheese bagel – nothing fancy, but still something I’d never tried before.



Paillard, a café and bakery popular in Quebec city.

20170412_133248  20170412_134322

I ordered a ham and cheese Quiche with a Caesar salad on the side.



Au Petit Coin Breton



I got vegetable soup and a ham and cheese crêpe, not pictured above, unfortunately!


My favorite part of the day:

The beginning! It was really nice and had a good atmosphere. I got acquainted with and started talking to the guests and chaperones on the trip. There was Mr. Petit, my French teacher who I already knew; Ms. Strickland, the female chaperone and school Spanish teacher; John, the bus driver who would also be joining us on the trip; and Annie, the tour guide who helped us a lot throughout the whole thing. There was also Kevin, our roommate who is in a lot of the photos and videos that I took. And of course, the other wonderful people that went with us on the trip, most of which I met for the first time!