My Quebec Trip – Day 4

Our last full day in Quebec! I was pretty sad when I woke up and realized this; it felt like we had just arrived the day before. We wanted to make the most of the last day, so we did a ton of stuff to commemorate it. I also took a lot of photos and videos – so many that my phone ran out of charge, and I couldn’t take pictures for a few hours! I’ll see what I can do about that, since other people surely have photos as well.


  • Visiting the Montréal Observatory. It’s an olympic stadium used in the 1976 Summer Olympics. With not much more use for it, they turned it into a sports center and a museum, showcasing a lot of the actual things from the 1976 Olympics, while also remaining functional, with pools, basketball courts, and other things – all open to the public! It also holds the Guinness World Record for the largest manmade leaning tower.
  • After the tour of the stadium, we had a choice of what we wanted to do. We could go watch the soccer game with Mr. Petit, or we could go to the nearby wildlife observatory with Annie. For me, the choice was obvious! We went to the Montréal biodome and had an amazing time.
  • While roaming the city, we stumbled upon a really nice street performer. He was fluent in English and French, and he was very funny and interactive. He did magic as well as comedy.




Mike’s, an Italian-style restaurant chain that’s pretty common in Quebec.


A regular country breakfast. Scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, pineapple, watermelon, and a slice of toast.



No lunch today! Me and Travis skipped it because we weren’t hungry.



I can’t quite recall the name of the restaurant right now; my phone had died and I could only charge it once I got inside! I’ll add it here when I remember it.


I ordered a nice baked lasagna, and as you can see I left some butter on the side of it to melt.


My favorite part of the day

Seeing the Olympic Stadium. At first I thought I wouldn’t like it, but as it turns out, it was very interesting! It was cool and informative, and I got some good information and souvenirs.



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